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About the collections

I’ve sorted my work into collections based on the seasons, in other words, by colour, mood and energy. Growing up in South Africa, where the seasonal differences are not so striking, this aspect of life in Europe never fails to delight me. Each year I see my colour palette change with the seasons. This is not only based on what I see around me but on what I yearn for. So in the hottest part of summer, turquoise becomes my go-to colour. And in grey winters, red and pinks and warm blues may be my first choice, simply because they do their magic - they cheer me up.

So these are open collections rather than series. My actual series have fewer works for the simple reason that space is limited in my attic-studio.

I have not included small works in these collections. These you can find in the SHOP.
Sold works are visible in my ARCHIVE. Here too, you may find some older works which no longer fit into these collections.

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